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Very little is known of St Jude especially reading from the Bible. The Bible does not have a clear and elaborate description of this saint as it has with others like Paul and Peter. We only get to learn about him from a few verses in the New Testament where he is sparsely mentioned. His name, Jude, is the same as Judas in Greek but he is referred to as Thaddeus, Lebbaeus, or Jude the brother of James to distinguish him from Judas the Iscariot.

Jude became an apostle of Jesus and his closeness to Jesus grew stronger than that of any other disciple. He is sometimes referred to as a relative of Jesus. In Matthew 13:55, he is counted among the brothers of Jesus. This may not actually mean that he was born of the same parents as Jesus since brother was used on people that bore a close relationship with someone. Legends claim that St. Jude married Mary, a sister to Mary the mother of Jesus.

His relationship with James is also not very clear from the Bible. In Luke 6:16, he is referred to as the son of James. In the first verse of the book of Jude, he is referred to as the brother of James. These two relations repeat themselves in several other verses, which makes it difficult to understand whether he was the son of James or his brother.

St Jude before he was a saint

His repeated mention in the story of Jesus shows that he was an active member of the ministry of the Lord Jesus. He was among the twelve disciples that were enclosed in a room in the day of Pentecost when they received the baptism of the Holy Spirit by fire. He was the one who also asked Jesus why he had revealed himself to the disciples only and not to the world after His resurrection.

He went on to preach the gospel after the ascension of Jesus. He preached in Judea, Samaria, Idumaea, Syria, Mesopotamia, and Libya among other places. He is also believed to be the one who wrote the shortest letter in the Bible, the book of Jude.

From the book of Jude, we see an apostle who was firm in his faith and very concerned about the holiness of the gospel of Jesus. He strongly urges Christians to hold on the faith that was given to the saints. He warns the church about false teachers that have slipped in among them without their notice and that they were corrupting the gospel and teaching false things that condoned immorality. This seems to be of great importance to him as he says he would have preferred to talk about another topic but saw the urgency of what he wrote.

He died as a martyr in Persia together with Simon. He is remembered today by many Christians and held as the patron saint of desperate cases.


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