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Saint Jude was one of the disciples of Jesus. He walked with Him during the Lord’s time of ministry and learned much including the Christian faith, doctrine and values. He was also one of the disciples that were commissioned by Jesus to go out to preach the gospel, heal the sick and drive out demons. His deeds for the people in desperate and hopeless situations earned him the title he bears today, “the St Jude patron of desperate cases or hopeless causes.

His book, the letter of Jude, though the shortest in the Bible, portrays a man who is deeply passionate about the well being of the people of God. His love for the people was so strong that it overrode his desire to write about a topic he was fond of, the gospel given to the saints by Jesus, and write to warn the Christians of the doom that awaited them if they followed the false teachings that were brought to them by men who has secretly slipped in among them.

This book of Jude and the little else that is known about him paints him as a man that would not stand to see people suffering for any reason. St Jude patron is therefore recognized by many people today and is commonly invoked in times when one is almost hopeless from difficult life situations.

St Jude as the apostle

St Jude patron was an apostle of Jesus before he suffered martyrdom among the Persians while preaching the gospel with Simon. He had walked faithfully with Jesus all along His ministry, learned and held firm the faith that the Lord taught. He is mentioned several times in the Bible among the apostles of Jesus and is even painted as being the closest to Him.

Some people might confuse him for Judas Iscariot since his name is Judas in Greek, but he has been clearly distinguished from him by using phrases like Judas of James, Judas the brother of James and Jude the son of James. He was among the eleven apostles that came together to find a replacement for Judas Iscariot who committed suicide after betraying his master.

Jude was one of the apostles that received the Holy Spirit during the day of Pentecost. That is why the statue of St Jude patron is sometimes made with a flame touching his forehead since it is recorded that the Holy Spirit came to the apostles as a fire.

After the resurrection of Jesus, St Jude patron was one of the disciples that the Lord appeared to. He is even the one who enquired of the Lord why he had chosen to show himself to the apostles rather than the world. After the ascension of Jesus, Jude proceeded to preach the gospel in Samaria, Judea and other places.


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